If you have had exposure to someone who tested positive, you may be at risk for catching the illness. Close exposure typically means spending 15 minutes or more in close personal contact, or in an enclosed room with recirculating air, while the individual was symptomatic, or 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms (or 2 days prior to the positive test if the person did not have symptoms). You should isolate yourself from other people for at least 7 days and watch for symptoms to develop. You can be tested 5-7 days after your contact with the positive person unless you start to develop symptoms prior to that time. If you do not currently have symptoms, you can schedule an appointment with us through our online portal. If you do experience symptoms, please follow the guidelines listed above.

If it has been 2 weeks or more since you were around someone who had symptoms of COVID at the time of contact, and you do not have any symptoms currently, the antibody test may be the most informative test for you at this time. This will help to determine if you still have a low-grade infection or may have had a COVID infection with few or no symptoms. 

Please provide complete and accurate insurance information so that we can bill insurance for you. Insurance may not pay for some testing, particularly antibody testing, and you may receive a bill from us after we hear back from your insurance company. You may also pay us directly at the time of service if you do not want your test to be billed to insurance.