If you have had exposure to someone who tested positive, you may be at risk for catching the illness. Close exposure typically means spending 15 minutes or more in close personal contact, or in an enclosed room with recirculating air, while the individual was symptomatic, or 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms or a positive test in those who are asymptomatic. You should isolate yourself from other people for at least 7 days and watch for symptoms to develop. You can be tested 3-5 days after your contact with the positive person because most people will begin to
experience symptoms within 5 days of exposure.

When there are high rates of virus circulation within the community, you may have been exposed without knowing it. If you have any of the typical symptoms of COVID-19 (dry cough, fever, loss of smell, etc.), please schedule an appointment for testing and quarantine yourself to prevent the potential spread of the virus to others.